“Create A YouTube Channel” I said

For years, I have loved watching other people create funny, cute, inspiring videos and upload them to YouTube. This year, one of my resolutions was to “Create a YouTube Channel”. Keep in mind I’ve said this for years, but I’ve always been scared of what people would say, or I would give up because I didn’t know what to film. I’ve always wanted to be on the screen. So finally, I created my channel. I created it around January 8th, and about two months later, I have around 250 subscribers. HELL YEAAAHHHHHH. Okay, obviously not the highest number you’ve ever seen a youtuber have, but it’s something! I hope you guys want to join me on my YouTube experience by watching my videos and subscribing!

My YouTube Channel


Also, I suggest that if there is anything you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but have not gotten around to do it, DO IT. Stop pushing it away and start pulling it closer to you. It’ll just be the beginning and everything will only rise from here on out!

Xoxo, Courtney Leigh


The Ultimate Checklist For Knowing If Your Friend Could Be More

It doesn’t matter if you guys are dating or not; This checklist will let you know if you’ve found someone that could possibly be THE ONE.

Everyone dreams of having the perfect guy/girl to eventually share their life with. So, if you’re already “sorta” sharing your life with a good friend, and want to know if he or she could possibly be more then just your good friend, here’s an ultimate checklist to check.


You feel like yourself around him & you feel like you can always say what you’re feeling and can be yourself and not worry about him running away.

You respect each other Respect goes a long way in relationships. You respect that they sometimes can’t hang out, or are hanging out with other people, and you feel comfortable with the fact that you aren’t always around each other. This is really healthy for a relationship.

Every time you see each other, you guys light up I seriously mean “light up”! If everything just becomes brighter, such as, your mood, day, surroundings, his smile, etc, everything’s just perfect. If he lights up the moment you enter the room, all is well in the world.


Although you guys are just friends, it already seems like you guys are in a relationship This is the first sign that “maybe, just maybe” you two would make a super cute couple! If people are even asking you if you guys are dating now, why not make it official, am I right? Lol. I know you think I’m right on this (;

You listen to each other Even if you don’t have the same opinion on something, you aren’t afraid to speak your mind! Also, when you do speak your mind, he listens! Listening is a key in relationships and helps you two connect!

You guys want to see each other Although you don’t always have to be together, you guys want to see each other! You get excited when you two can hangout!


You both are able to share personal things and accept each other for who you are Although he’s seen you at your best, he’s also able to see you at your worst. You guys feel safe and comfortable around each other!

He compliments you Both Verbally and non verbally. Sometimes you notice that he’s looking at you. Sometimes he’ll even compliment you and tell you you’re pretty, or you don’t need any makeup to look good. He could either be super shy about his feelings for you or more outgoing with them. If he ever says “Any guy would be lucky to have you” just be like “Well aren’t you lucky…” because obviously you guys are meant to be. He clearly thinks you’re a prize that he’s not good enough for, but you can boost his confidence if you choose him.

You both love each other as friends  If you guys are loving the friendship, the personalities, the face, the person, and you have chemistry, GO FOR IT NOW!! Think about if you guys already love each other as friends, how much more it could be if you just loved each other in general.


If someone came to your mind while you read this, I want you to think about what your guys’ potential could be! Clearly this person is worth holding onto, so why not try to make your bestfriend your boyfriend too? Having a best friend is an amazing feeling, and if you could have a combination of a boyfriend and bestfriend, why not?




Get the Guy to Take you to the Dance

If you are the type of girl who’s a little more shy then the girls who can easily tell a guy she wants him to take her to “the dance”(or wherever, this is just my example), then you’re at the right place!

Being a girl, I think it is so nerve racking and hard to tell a guy you like him/ want him to take you to a dance/ go on a date! So here are some ways to tell him, but not have to actually straight up “tell him”.. This way it’s less nerve racking.  Obviously telling a guy you like him is definitely the best way to get the guy to take you to the “dance”, but if you’re too shy to do that, I have steps to take if Plan A is not your strong suit!

Plan A Straight up tell him you like him. You’ll get a straight forward response with your straight forward message. 🙂

Not your strong suit? Take these simple steps!

Step 1 Start hinting! “You know, I’d love for someone to take me to this dance”… Or “I think I’m only going to go if someone takes me”… This will catch his ear. “Wait, she’s only going if someone takes her? Could that be me”?

Step 2 Ask him if he’s going and about who he is taking to the dance.. “Why is she asking me if I’m going, and why would she care who I was taking to the dance”? HIS BRAIN IS PROCESSING THIS.

Step 3 Be a little flirty! Give sweet compliments! Ask him if he can dance! “You look cute”! “I wanna see if you can dance”!

Step 4 Talk about going to homecoming to your friends when he’s around, and mention things like “I really do want someone to take me”…

By this point, he should understand that you want him to take you! If he still isn’t processing this, joke around and be like “It’d be so fun if we went to the dance together”! If he’s like “WHAT?!” you can always be like “Just kidding” or something…

I hope this helped! Leave some advice if you have other ways to “get the guy”! Meanwhile, lets see cute ways guys have asked girls to dances!

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Did I just die from cuteness? The answer is yes…

What Girls Should Look For In a Guy/Relationship

Considering I’m a girl, I feel like It’s my “rightful duty” to give my opinion on what girls should look for in a guy! Before I begin, I’m not ashamed to say I’m a little picky when it comes to guys.. In all honesty, I have dated three guys, my longest relationship being 11 months and my shortest being 3 days (I know, big differences). I’m also not ashamed to say that my guinea pig (Shortcake) is sitting with me as I type this. 🙂


Common Interests I think it’s important to have common interests because doing things you both love and doing them together can really add to a relationship. Don’t get me wrong though, differences can be very good too, and can keep the couple interested and always ready to explore more with one another! So girls, definitely see if there are any commonalities, because it’s nice to be able to hold a conversation about something you’re also interested in.


Commitment If you notice that the guy you’re interested in is talking to multiple girls at once, he’s probably not the right guy for you. You want to be able to trust your boyfriend, and you can’t do that if you don’t believe he could stay committed to you and only talk to you in a romantic way. Now, this doesn’t mean he can’t have girl-friends and not talk to anyone of the opposite sex, this just means you need to trust him! If he believes he can hold hands, text flirtatiously, and flirt with other girls while in a relationship with you, he not the guy. Go find one that’s interested in you and only you, because no girl deserves that.


Respect A guy should respect you 100%. If you don’t want to do something, he should understand. If you feel uncomfortable holding his hand just yet, he should give you the time you need to feel comfortable. If  a guy ever gets upset with you for not wanting to do anything, he doesn’t deserve you. I believe respect is one of the top 5 things you must have in a relationship.

Positive Attitude You should want to be around someone who puts you in a good mood! Their positivity should want you to be more positive!


Encouragement   He needs to be encouraging you in whatever you decide to do in life!


Personality Personality is key!! Okay.. We’ve all been there. We fell for a guy only for their looks. DON’T GET MESMERIZED BY HIS EYES! He probably gets mesmerized by his own eyes…. Make sure he has a personality you like before you even think about getting into a relationship with him!


Super important: Chemistry If he makes you laugh, smile, feel all giddy, gives you butterflies, fireworks go off when you kiss, that’s chemistry, and that is something you should have when in a relationship! If you’re not sure you have chemistry with this guy or can’t seem to figure out if you like this guy more then just friends, ask yourself “When we are apart, am I excited to see him again”? “Is he always on my mind”?  Maybe asking yourself these questions will help you realize what you really want!


I know I’ve missed out on things girls should look for in guys/relationships!

What do you look for? Comment below I’d love feedback!

XOXO, Courtney Leigh

My Super Awk Experiences w/ Guys (Spring Break)

I realize you guys don’t know me well enough yet, but this is something that happens to me a lot. “Awkward experiences with guys”. Luckily, I’m able to laugh about these things..

When it comes to guys, I’m pretty awkward myself, but now that I think about it, I’m only awkward because what they sometimes say make me VERY uncomfortable. I’m gonna split these “‘Super awk experiences” up to where each blog I post about these, it’ll be in one place each.


My Junior year Spring Break, I went to the beach with a few of my closest friends. We walk into a little shop on the boardwalk around 10:00pm, and talk up a storm with the girl working there. 30 minutes go by and some super cute guys walk in, and before we know it, we’re talking to them too. So the worker starts talking about how she has a taser (cool story bro), and how people ask if she can taser them (cool story bro, again). So this guy tells his friend “dude you gotta do it”, and the super cute guy is like “Okay dude”. So as she is about to tase him, he backs out (this back and forth thing goes on for about 30 minutes). So, I’m over here minding my own business, when the worker and ALL MY FRIENDS decide to use me as a prize? “dude, if you get tased, you can have her number! You don’t want to let her down, do you”? THANKS GUYS. 5 minutes later, he gets tazed (he gets no number).

Embarrassing enough? Think again.

Again, we are walking through the boardwalk, as we were passing by a huge group of black guys, along with a few cops. With cops very close by, we had no problem walking by the huge group of guys because “why would anyone do/say anything inappropriate with the possibility of getting in trouble”? Being the only one out of my friend group with a very short walking stride, I was falling behind all of my friends. As I’m about to leave the area of guys, I sense one approaching me. “bigger strides, bigger strides. Don’t make eye contact, don’t scream”….. A little black guy, (shorter then me, and I’m 5″3)  who looked around 30 years old, came up to me, got in my face and goes “Hey little white girl, you like some chocolate” (obviously referring to himself)?!!!!?????!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?! I looked straight ahead and almost yelled “NO”.  That, my friends, was the first and only time I’ve ever said no to chocolate.

Of course, all my friends had turned to see this whole thing happen, and we died laughing all the way back to the hotel. To this day, I haven’t lived it down. They literally tell everyone about it. Not lying. Everyone.

Once again, we were walking on the boardwalk, and I spotted two really hot twins. I had my Nikon camera with me, and as we were passing by where these twins were, one of them looked at me and was like “are you here to take my picture”? I laughed and said no… (I regret my decision very badly). Then he says “I can take my shirt off if you want”??? Do you know what my response was??? I LAUGHED AND WALKED AWAY, because I didn’t hear him. All my friends wanted to literally kill me, and once again, I haven’t lived this down. They all think I can’t hear anything, and I agree. So ladies and gentlemen, please keep open ears always and say yes to shirtless guys (only to some things though).

So these three lovely stories happened over spring break (along with some more guy experiences, but they were much better, so no need to blog about them), and I hope you’ll give this a nice thumbs up if you guys want to hear more extremely awkward stories.

XOXO, Courtney Leigh

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Hey babes!

It feels like yesterday I was walking into my high school for the first time… Walking through the halls as a “fresh meat”, being uncomfortably too close to all my classmates who were just as confused and nervous as me, not being able to see over all the freakishly tall people everywhere I went, and hardly speaking to anyone because of how shy I was…

Okay, so ALOT has changed in the past four years, and I feel like it’s up to me to give y’all some advice for entering into high school/ going somewhere new/ meeting new people!

  • Do NOT be shy! Being outgoing is magnetic! For the first two years of highschool I was extremely shy. I only talked to my familiar friends from middle school, and I regret not using that time to create more friendships! You need to remember that you’re not the “only new kid” and that everyone is in the same boat as you are!
  • Be yourself! It’s truly important to always be yourself. You should never try to be anyone other then yourself, that way you’re surrounded by people who love you for you!
  • Don’t stress about making friends! Focusing on school is going to be very important, so make sure that is your #1!  Also, being outgoing will bring friends towards you, so you don’t have to try too hard!
  • Grades are important! The next four years are very important for your future (I know you don’t want to hear that, but it’s true). Work hard and get good grades from the very beginning, and you’ll do great!
  • Don’t let your love life stand in the way of school! Boys and girls come and go. Don’t let break ups, make ups, and drama stand in the way of better grades, better moods, and better friendships!
  • Don’t fall into the wrong crowd! Yes, there are bad things out there, and yes, there is a thing called peer pressure. “Say no to drugs, say yes to hugs” (That quote is so cliché, but I practically live by it)!

So here I am, almost four years later, about a month into my senior year, still super short, A LOT less shy, and loving life! I promise things will turn out how they’re supposed to!

I know what I must do now, and I’m already regretting it. Here is what you all have been waiting for. Oh gosh, I have to close my eyes.

559138_418760858167358_1135198278_n  July 11th, 2012 cropped-11108841_945113802198725_3647562757119068892_n.jpg September 4th, 2015

Okay, I’m feeling a little bit better since I dragged my best friend into this #transformationtuesday !! As you can tell, we were into the “eyebrow raising” and I went through a phase where I never smiled with my teeth (“supes cute” not.)..

Anyways, be sure to get connected with me through Instagram, Twitter, etc!

XOXO,  Courtney Leigh