Get the Guy to Take you to the Dance

If you are the type of girl who’s a little more shy then the girls who can easily tell a guy she wants him to take her to “the dance”(or wherever, this is just my example), then you’re at the right place!

Being a girl, I think it is so nerve racking and hard to tell a guy you like him/ want him to take you to a dance/ go on a date! So here are some ways to tell him, but not have to actually straight up “tell him”.. This way it’s less nerve racking.  Obviously telling a guy you like him is definitely the best way to get the guy to take you to the “dance”, but if you’re too shy to do that, I have steps to take if Plan A is not your strong suit!

Plan A Straight up tell him you like him. You’ll get a straight forward response with your straight forward message. 🙂

Not your strong suit? Take these simple steps!

Step 1 Start hinting! “You know, I’d love for someone to take me to this dance”… Or “I think I’m only going to go if someone takes me”… This will catch his ear. “Wait, she’s only going if someone takes her? Could that be me”?

Step 2 Ask him if he’s going and about who he is taking to the dance.. “Why is she asking me if I’m going, and why would she care who I was taking to the dance”? HIS BRAIN IS PROCESSING THIS.

Step 3 Be a little flirty! Give sweet compliments! Ask him if he can dance! “You look cute”! “I wanna see if you can dance”!

Step 4 Talk about going to homecoming to your friends when he’s around, and mention things like “I really do want someone to take me”…

By this point, he should understand that you want him to take you! If he still isn’t processing this, joke around and be like “It’d be so fun if we went to the dance together”! If he’s like “WHAT?!” you can always be like “Just kidding” or something…

I hope this helped! Leave some advice if you have other ways to “get the guy”! Meanwhile, lets see cute ways guys have asked girls to dances!

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Did I just die from cuteness? The answer is yes…


Monthly Beauty Favorites {August}

Bonjour Babes!

I thought it’d be cool for you guys to see my August beauty favorites!

Skin Products


Foundation- L’Oreal CC Cream in Light/Medium ($8.59 at Walmart)! It honestly works so well and I’ve used it all through August and into this month! Also has SPF 20 in it which I thought it great for a foundation!

Eye primer- OMG! Eye primer is my absolute favorite thing ever, and MICA Beauty cosmetics ($44.95) has the perfect eye primer!

Bronzer- I’ve been using PIXI beauty bronzer in the color Summertime ($18.95 at Target)


Eye Products


Mascara- Maybelline Lash Sensational ($6.99 at Walmart) is my all time favorite mascara right now!!

Eye shadow- Nude Physicians Formula ($9.99 at Walmart) works so well, especially for an everyday look!


Nail Products


Nail polish- The Sally Hansen miracle gel ($9.99 at Walmart) is so cool and I’m in love with it! It’s a little pricey for nail polish, but so worth it!


Lip Products


Lipstick- Baby Lips ($3.95) is my all time favorite, not gonna lie here, and I don’t need much explanation either!


Perfume Products


Perfume- I recently bought this, the Justin Bieber “Girlfriend” roll on perfume ($3.99 at TJ Maxx) and I absolutely love the smell!


Hair Products


Accessories- Bandanas are so “in” right now (range from $1 to $15)

Hair Spray- Batiste Dry Shampoo ($7.99) has saved me multiple times this month. I thank it often.


Leave comments on what your favorite beauty products were this month so I can try them out! I’d love to hear from you guys & don’t forget to like and follow for more posts from me! Thanks so much!!!


XOXO, Courtney Leigh