“Create A YouTube Channel” I said

For years, I have loved watching other people create funny, cute, inspiring videos and upload them to YouTube. This year, one of my resolutions was to “Create a YouTube Channel”. Keep in mind I’ve said this for years, but I’ve always been scared of what people would say, or I would give up because I didn’t know what to film. I’ve always wanted to be on the screen. So finally, I created my channel. I created it around January 8th, and about two months later, I have around 250 subscribers. HELL YEAAAHHHHHH. Okay, obviously not the highest number you’ve ever seen a youtuber have, but it’s something! I hope you guys want to join me on my YouTube experience by watching my videos and subscribing!

My YouTube Channel


Also, I suggest that if there is anything you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but have not gotten around to do it, DO IT. Stop pushing it away and start pulling it closer to you. It’ll just be the beginning and everything will only rise from here on out!

Xoxo, Courtney Leigh


Four Months.

I know it has been four months, but I still look for you everywhere I go. Sometimes I feel like we could just pick up where we had left, right before we fought. We were bestfriends, but I guess if we were truly bestfriends, nothing would get in between us. So I guess we weren’t bestfriends, but it sure felt real. It felt like a breakup with a boyfriend, but worse because from my past experience,  I truly believe bestfriends are supposed to stick around for the rest of your life. One time I thought I saw you. My heart raced, I couldn’t think straight, and I began to panic. That’s when I realized it still hurts my heart. From the minute we met, I instantly fell in love with our friendship. You made me feel confident, happy, and safe with you. I wish I could say I still felt the same. It’s been four months since we last texted. It’s been four months since I’ve seen your smile. Late at night, I tend to think about our lost friendship. It’s been four months, and I still miss you. I know it could never be the same with us. I know that if we ever see each other in person again, we will probably look the other way. I know that we have become strangers with memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thanks for a great summer and thanks for the year of friendship, stranger. If only you knew I was thinking of you.

Top 9 TV Shows (part 1)

Watching TV is probably one of my favorite things to do (does that sound bad?)! Anyways, I feel like you guys need to know what’s up when it comes to good tv shows to watch! 

Gossip Girl 


Drama, drama, and more drama. The tv show you want to hate, but can’t because it’s so addicting! Set in NYC, characters who are in highschool and up, you get to watch their lives unravel, along with a secret blogger “Gossip Girl” who blasts gossip 24/7. If you don’t want to watch it for the drama, watch it for Serena’s fashion sense.  

  Perfection. If you don’t want to watch it for the fashion sense, watch it for the friendship goals.  



   It all start when siblings move from Kansas to California and enters the highschool as seniors… It was really addicting to watch, especially since I was in highschool when I watched it. Two years after watching it, I would re watch this in a heartbeat. Gonna be honest here, I cried when it was over. It’s an amazing 6 seasons! 


  Glee- filled with singing, highschool, and drama! This show helps you feel connected! And when your in love with musicals, then this is all the better! I haven’t finished watching the last season yet because I don’t want it to end 😦

The Walking Dead 


The walking dead is intense. If you can’t handle blood, start scrolling now. This show in one of my all time favorite shows. Interesting, scary, heart clenching, and crazy. You get to follow the lives of a few people who have survived the zombie apocalypse and who are trying to find out how to live among the zombies and stay safe with them all over the world. I also recommend “Fear The Walking Dead” which just started, that focuses on what happened when the zombie apocalypse first began! ADDICTING!!! PLEASE WATCH THE WALKING DEAD!!!
American Horror Story

    It’s like watching a horror movie every episode. Always leaving you hanging, and always making you want more! Each season has a different story plot, with the same actors! SO COOL! Not gonna lie, Season 1 is my absolute favorite! The original is realistic and horrifying, Asylum is terrifying and disturbing, Coven is intense and strange, Freakshow is freaky and crazy! 

Vampire Diaries

  First things first, SO HOT. Literally every character is so attractive! Second, VAMPIRES? I’m in! This show pulls you in instantly! Witches, vampires, warlocks = I’m going to watch episode after episode 🙂 
The Fosters

  A heart warming show! We watch a huge family, all different and all amazing in their own way,  grow with each other! Drama, love, and humor! 

Baby Daddy

   So funny! It begins when a baby is dropped off at a young guys apartment! With his two roommates, his friend Riley, and his mom, they begin to take care of the baby!!! 

Greys Anatomy

    I never thought I’d like watching a medical show! After watching 5 season, I feel like I can do a few heart surgeries! Haha… Along with medical drama, we get to see character drama, love, comedy, and so much more! I’ve probably felt every emotion watching Greys Anatomy!

I know there are so many left for me to show you guys! Leave in the comments a few you love!

Xoxo, Courtney Leigh 🙂