Dear Negativity

Dear Negativity,

You are a bitch. You chew dreams up and spit them out. You cast a dark cloud over the heads of anyone who comes near you. You make me cry. You make me scream. You ruin my day. Yet, you’ve pushed me so far, that I am able to say I’m reaching for the stars.

So thank you for all the negativity. I appreciate it. Why? Because you pushed me to try harder, to push harder for what I believed in, TO PROVE YOU WRONG. No this doesn’t mean I want you to stick around. In fact, I’ve already pushed you out. I’ve succeeded and you have failed to make me as miserable as you.

I will be positivity. Sunshine will soak my skin and flowers will bloom in my mind. My hair will be as beautiful as my thoughts and my eyes will glisten with joy. You have shown me what it’s like to be negative. More importantly, you have shown me exactly what and who I do not want to be.

So thanks, but no thanks. You are a bitch.

Love, Positivity


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